"The Piazzolla Double Concerto for Guitar, Bandoneon and Strings profited from two absolutely splendid soloists. David Leisner played the guitar, Peter Soave the bandoneon. Their pafts are elaborate and difficult and were made to breathe with great naturalness."

The New York Times, USA

"Cellist Andres Diaz and squeezebox virtuoso Peter Soave upped the intensity more with their explosively passionate reading of Piazzolla's tango."

Detroit FreePress, USA

"Bandoneon virtuoso, Peter Soave, not only played with technical perfection. He gave full expression to the remarkable interweaving of the different threads of musical tradition that this work combines[...]Soave had it all and it was spiced with a tangy flavor that has rarely invested classical symphonic music. For anyone who loves both the tango tradition and the classical form, the result is irresistible, especially when performed with such expertise and abandon. His playing evoked mental images of the smoky dives of Buenos Aires while fulfilling the elegant musical standards of a symphonic performance."

Grosse Pointe News, USA

"Peter Soave was superb on the accordion and bandoneon..."

All About Jazz, USA

"...Soave brought the audience once again to its feet."

Muncie Star Press, USA

"Soave is a great spokesman for Piazzolla's music. He puts each piece in the context of the development of Piazzolla's work, which gives us a better sense of how all the varied influences were transformed in the mind of the great composer[...]This was an impressive performance."

Southeastern Michigan Jazz Association, USA

"From the opening measures, Soave demonstrated a oneness with the exotic Latin (as it turns out, in the broadest sense of the word, given Soave's Italian heritage) colors produced by the bandoneon, most particularly when heard alone, as in the soulfully exotic solo at the beginning of the second movement. Soave flexed high drama into the solo parts of the concerto, navigating seamlessly through its devilishly tricky rhythms, and running the work's gamut from the frenetically evocative back to the sensuously romantic. It was, however, the small film music encore called Oblivion which most powerfully exposed Soave's ability to produce incredible tonal colors, subtleties of musical expression, and intimacy of emotion."

The Saginaw News, USA

"This new CD is wonderful - a brilliant addition to Astor Piazzolla's discography! (...) Tango Moods is unqualifiedly passionate, powerful and deeply moving! (...) In terms of aesthetics and morals, Peter Soave has the soul, the fire, the passion, the gift and let me be perfectly clear, the absolute right to do Piazzolla. He rocks. [...] Peter Soave & the Rucner String Quartet have delivered a definitive, heated and live rendering of Five Tango sensations. Peter exceeds Piazzolla in feeling and passion."

The Free-Reed Review, USA

"The brilliantly lyrical accordionist and bandoneon player Peter Soave was the star of [...] Astor Piazzolla's Oblivion."

The Daily Gazette, USA

"Peter Soave's electrifying music competes with electric storm at Fontana... a worthwhile learning experience, as well as an enjoyable program."

Kalamazoo Gazette, USA

"Soave, mastering the buttons on his bandoneon, helping creating tango-like rhythms, commanded attention."

Lubbock Avalanche Journal, USA

"Peter Soave is the greatest accordionist in United States history. Period. No one comes close. Who else has the technique, the musicianship, the uncommon interpretive abilities? And who else concretizes and presents master classes around the world with such frequency? Others may have perhaps more recordings to their merit, but Peter has the greatest talent."

The Free-reed review, USA

"Peter Soave, who plays bandoneon and accordion on five tracks on this album [Global Peace and Understanding], is simply superb."

Jazz Improv, USA

"Perhaps the most invaluable member of the company, though, is Peter Soave, who provides glorious and virtuosic accompaniment on accordion and bandoneon. This music provides a perfect, moodily restless milieu for Eurydice, at once as specific and as timeless as the concerns--both monumental and intimate--of this play."

nytheatre.com, USA

"Peter Soave has a unique ability to peer deep into your soul as he is playing the bandoneon or accordion. Somehow he has the innate knowledge as to what goes in into the inner workings of a human soul's passion, slowly open the door and turn on the heat. While most players on his instrument perform with a small ensemble, as did his role model Astor Piazzolla, Soave is upfront with a symphonic band, adding further to the lush, nuanced and seductive tones the nuevo tango evokes."

Michael Nastos, USA

"Soave gestured broadly, turning to the left and right in response to the swirling dance rhythms. He mastered the tricky allegro passages in the first movement, getting warm applause at the end of it. But it was the rapturous Moderato second movement that won the hearts of the audience."

Windsor Star, Canada

"The concert at Queenswood Chapel was noted by those in attendance to be a resounding success and one to be remembered as unforgettable."

Victoria, Canada

"Soave is an extraordinary artist whose technique is second to no-one."

Pianist, Misha Kottler

"...stunning, majestic, monumental testimony of a man who lives, breathes, and feels every note. The musicianship is beyond words!"

Duilio Dobrin, conductor, composer

"...al exquisito bandoneonista Peter Soave, quien hizo insignes lecturas de Canción para Elizabeth y un fragmento de la Suite Piazzollana."

El Nacional, Venezuela

"The concert freshened up the musical section of Dubrovnik Music festival due to a superb performance. Deviation from the conceptual and stylistic guidelines-if they exist at all- can be explaines and accounted for by the achieved quality, which was surely the case at this concert. But, we already knew that before the concert began!"

Slobodan Dalmacija, Croatia

"The Rucner String Quartet and the soloist Peter Soave are above all a well-coordinated ensemble. Their communication overlaps to the smallest detail in combination with a shared sense of each rhythmical and melodic shift developed in a melodious manner."

Vjesnik Daily, Croatia

"Peter Soave's playing (on both concert accordion and bandoneon) impressed the Hanoi audience with his tremendously refined musical taste and virtuosity, brilliant and breathtaking technical skills."

Hanoi Conservatory, Vietnam

"Cet album [Peter Soave & Symphony Orchestra] est destiné aux puristes inconditionnels du bandonéon et du bayan, mais aussi aux néophytes. Ces derniers y découvriront ces deux instruments superbement honorés au coeur d'un grand orchestre."

Accordéon et Accordéonistes, France

"Peter Soave est un magicien de l'accordéon et bandonéon."

Ornes Actualité, France

"Un concert exceptionnel à Vif : Peter Soave a donné un aperçu de son répertoire devant un public fasciné par son immense talent et conquis par sa gentillesse."

Dauphiné Libéré, France

"Peter Soave extirpe toute la quintessence de son instrument."

Républicain Lorrain, France